• Inspiring Conscious Habits

Inspiring Conscious Habits

We provide a platform that enables local communities to experience the philosophy of ethical makers and producers through their product. In doing this we are able to change daily urban habits by forging relationships that inspire and reinforce a more conscious approach. 

A time for nourishment


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Connecting to Source

Raising consciousness around food production, seasonality and ultimately the impact it has on our world through farming practices.

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Thoughts on this time, food, and planet

As we sit in lockdown and face the challenges of boredom, claustrophobia and weathered patience, we have also been gifted the time to learn from our mistakes and to rediscover the simple ingredients to live a rich and meaningful life.

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Regenerative Agriculture

Instead of adding carbon to the atmosphere, regenerative farming draws carbon out of the air and stores it in the ground. These practices are simply a modern version of ancient agricultural techniques.

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Meal time with family. New meaning+ recipe to enjoy

For the first time in recent years, people are preparing nutritious, home-cooked meals where they themselves can recite the list of ingredients. 

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