Perfumer H

Lyn Harris is an unconventional perfumer in endless pursuit to push boundaries and translate through her fragrances the beauty that surrounds.

Eager to learn the craft, Lyn received her training from Monique Schlienger, one of the first independent female perfumers. From there Lyn went on to be trained by a second generation master perfumer at one of the most prestigious French fragrance houses - Robertet Grasse. Returning to to the United Kingdom, Lyn set up her own laboratory and successful bespoke service, followed by the establishment of her own fragrance house, Miller Harris. After 13 years of success at the helm, Lyn left her company and founded Perfumer H in 2015, opening a new laboratory and shop in Marylebone. With a new freedom in her work, the ethos of Perfumer H draws from her deeply personal relationship with and approach to smell, the unique quality and depth of her knowledge and the intention to create and cultivate a space for thoughtful creation and appreciation of true craft.

Lyn Harris’ uncompromising desire to pioneer naturals back into perfumery was the star of her olfactory journey and today the effortless ease with which she uses her materials within her creations leads to olfactory landscapes that represent individuality and touch you within.

Perfumer H is unconventional with one style, one vision, an olfactory dream.





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